Precision metallic bellows and assemblies

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At Hydroflex, we believe in working closely with our customers in order to provide the exact bellows for their application. Therefore, the specification and selection of a product is a process needing input from both you and our engineering team. So, please complete our  enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with a solution.

Product Types

We manufacture three types of standard bellows, as well as a multitude of custom-made types to meet specific applications. The standard units are: –

105 & 9 SS Bellow RT LR

Single-ply bellows

Essentially a single tube, with convolutions where the inner root diameter is the same as the original tube diameter. Single-ply units come in many different materials options and wall thickness’ to cover the full range of spring rates and travel requirements.

Closed end Brass Bellow RT LR

Multi-ply bellows

Multi-ply bellows are suitable for higher pressure applications, and when additional flexibility is needed to compensate for increased wall thickness requirements. They are made of two tubes, one inside the other, formed together in a single operation.

100 Brass Bellow RT LR

Extra-flexible bellows

Extra-flexible bellows are formed with convolutions which are a smaller in root diameter that that of the original tube. This gives a greater working deflection, but lower spring rates and working pressures than a standard bellows of the same diameter.  Unlike the standard range, the spring rate of extra-flexible bellows is not proportional to axial deflection.